Downloadable Documents

Hardwood Floors: Installation, Refinishing & Repair
This is the granddaddy of all hardwood flooring informational brochures. Handed out on all estimates, this brochure must be read and understood before we can schedule your job.

Duraseal Stain Colors 
A color chart of common Duraseal brand stain colors.

Refinishing Fir Floors
Required reading for anyone having fir floors refinished. This document discusses the uniqueness of fir floors and lays out what to expect.

Choosing the Right Finish
Explaining the differences between Swedish and Waterborne finish.

New Floor Installations
This document includes information on flooring options, preparation, sub-floor, and what to expect.

Janka Hardness Scale
This chart shows the comparative hardness of different wood flooring types.

The Behavior of Wood
How wood reacts to humidity.

Dewpoint Humidity
Another documents explaining the unique characteristics of wood.

How To Care For Your Floors
Floor care and maintenance recommendations.