Service Guarantee


Seattle Floor Service is a licensed and bonded company and workmanship is guaranteed for one year. Floor work is not furniture work; a finished floor cannot be compared to a tabletop finish. Every floor is unique, and each has its own minor flaws, unique characteristics, high traffic areas, etc., and they are surfaces, which are expected to undergo a great deal of wear and tear over time.

When refinishing pre-existing floors, Seattle Floor Service cannot guarantee against pre-existing conditions, such as lifting, slash, or knots in boards.

Seasonal & Long-Term Effects

Wood is a product of nature and as such reacts (not always predictably) to environmental conditions. Therefore, Seattle Floor Service cannot guarantee against shrinkage or cupping of newly installed or previously existing flooring. Some shrinkage and expansion of wood flooring in response to seasonal changes is completely normal and is to be expected.

When these seasonal changes do occur, often minor puttying will rectify the situation in the short term. Our customers should be aware that these seasonal changes are often cyclical, and over the course of a few months or a season, such changes will often reverse themselves. Our customers should also be aware that wood will change color with exposure to light and air.

Although our finishes are engineered to minimize the effects of sunlight, over long periods our customers should expect their floors to gradually change color. This color change will be most noticeable where exposed areas can be compared to areas, which have been covered, for instance where an area rug has been moved for the first time. Such color differences are normal, and Seattle Floor Service cannot guarantee against such light-related color changes.